While I’m Waiting


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By: Matt Troiano (Youth Pastor @ Church of the Harvest)

Have you ever ended a day and thought to realize how many minutes you spent Waiting that day? Honestly, probably, not really and more close to never. Waiting is “No Big Deal” for you patient types. We all gotta wait right?! Well… maybe, it does cross your mind once or twice or ever so often…

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Like that time you had to wait at the red light, seemingly for no apparent reason, since no cars were even around. You considered blowing right through it, except we know they’ve got cameras hiding somewhere to catch you. SO, you do the honorable thing for society; You Wait.


When you’d go to that pharmacy or grocery store, and for some reason, why do they always have only ONE cashier, and of course you just wanted to buy milk, but the coupon lady with her cart overflowing with 30 non-essential items in front of you is gonna explode her eye balls out if she doesn’t get her deal. SO, you do the polite thing; You Wait.

Speaking of waiting on lines and Coupon ladies, there’s a ton of them at Walmart. Now, I think I speak for the American Public when I say that as far as prices go, go give Mr. Wally is good enough to bring home to meet your momma; but in terms of niceness and helpfulness, you can kiss that dream of expectation goodbye the moment you set foot in a Walmart. Worst Customer Service Ever, Always! SO True.

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So, I called Walmart. Was on hold for 30 minutes, and then “Click” they were gone. So I called Walmart. Was on hold for 26 minutes, and then someone picked up. They apologized for picking up, to which they sent me back to the elevator music. 15 minutes later, a woman answered it and a man in the background said, “Just Hangup” to which she quickly obeyed… and then I thought and added together my day:


2 hours, 94 miles driving.

1 on hold

.5 standing in Electronics

.25 watching water boil

.5 awaiting an email

.25 awaiting someone to exit the restroom

.25 awaiting food

.5 awaiting internet pages to load

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5 HOURS WAITING or 21% of My Day

As I lay in bed, I say a nice night-time prayer and turn the covers to sleep. I’m just TOO tired to give God more, and besides that, He knows I love him. I nestle into the pillow, and then newsflash crosses my mind: BUT WAIT A MINUTE! If I can spend 300 minutes doing NOTHING in a day, how come I can’t seem to give God even 10?

Or have you ever gone through a day, or even a week, and God was not anywhere on your mind? What can we do to change this?

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1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing”

Yes, everyone knows this; but do we do it? No. At least, I’ll admit, I don’t. so While you are waiting: on that line, on the phone, at that light; do you see the opportunities given you to have an open communication and daily dialogue with your Creator? Or even WHAT IF Waiting was actually a gift God was giving you; an easy excuse and reminder to direct your thoughts and words to Him.

Waiting has always been “inconvenient”, but perhaps I DO have time for Him,

While I’m waiting.

Just some basic Food for Thought. 🙂