572 Raynor Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901
Why do we have small groups?

The Small Group ministry of Church of the Harvest supports our church promise statement that, “Church of the Harvest is a trusted place where we encourage people to get equipped for ministry, serve their community, and offer hope.” Small groups meet regularly in a non-church setting to help us pursue this goal on a very personal and practical level. Participants are given the opportunity to use their spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ.

When do small groups meet?

Church of the Harvest small groups meet at least once a month. The specific times are up to each group. Groups can meet almost any time – afternoons, evenings, weekends – whatever time best fits the schedules of the group members.

Who should be in a small group?

It is crucial that all Christians have a place where they can get to know other believers on a deeper level and exercise their spiritual gifts with one another. Participating in small groups allows us to form meaningful relationships with others as we worship, study God’s word, share, and pray for each other. In small groups we are able to carry one another’s burdens. We are able to hear others and be heard.