Sean Strong

Sean Strong Cancer Hope Easter
by Sean Lee

Note From Youth Pastor Matt Troiano:
I asked permission from my friend Sean if I could share his post; a testimony.
There is Life in the most hopeless situations;

There is Life in Jesus

“I took this picture one year ago today, the day I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was looking at this picture and couldn’t help but think of how similar we are to trees. You see a tree goes through phases. They lose their leaves, appear dead, and seem hopeless. I went through that same phase myself this past year. Although it get like things would never change, sure enough “spring” in my life rolled around.

A tree will blossom. A tree will bear fruit again. The barrenness of a tree is temporary, and so it is with us.

We all feel dead and hopeless at times, but I promise it is just a phase! Just like the trees we will blossom, and experience happiness again. I know that because of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

He means EVERYTHING to me. He did live. He died for us, to give us hope. And I promise that he still lives. Don’t allow any amount of trials or temptations lead you away from God.

It was a happy coincidence that my one year anniversary of being diagnosed fell on this beautiful day!! Happy Easter everyone.”

Sean Strong