Long Island Youth Mentoring


Long Island Youth Mentoring

Long Island, New York

Our Mission

The ministry to the fatherless and the orphan is a call from God that is cited 40 times in His Word. This call is to be fulfilled by His Church. So what is the ministry of Long Island Youth mentoring? To borrow a picture from World War II: We are the PT boats and the Church is the battleship. We can change direction quickly; moving to the needs as they present themselves, but we are also expendable.

In the One-to-One program, fatherless or motherless children are referred to Long Island Youth Mentoring through a network of both public and private agencies. Once referred, the child and the family are interviewed to determine if the child is appropriate to be matched. If so, we then prayerfully seek to match him or her with a Christian adult whom we have also interviewed, screened and trained through our orientation program. It is important to note that both the child and his/her guardian must desire to establish this mentoring relationship.

Mentors and assigned youths spend 2 – 4 hours together each week for one year, doing things they enjoy. Both are given an Area Director who supports, encourages and offers any necessary assistance. Youth Mentoring also plans many activities that help to build the relationship between the child and mentor by providing common-shared experiences that build a foundation for their friendship and provide fun memories. It is our hope that the child will experience God’s love through the mentor and choose to embrace the source of that love, Jesus Christ.


Our job is best understood in the following statements:

1. We communicate God’s heart for the fatherless and orphan to the Church.

2. We screen potential missionaries who feel the call to this mission field.

3. We train Christians who are screened and called by God to be on this mission field.

4. We supervise and support the mentors throughout their ministry.

5. We stay in tune with what is working and what is not and we adapt our systems without sacrificing our mission.


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