ADC: A Tour of Prophecy with Dr. David Jeremiah

ADC: A Tour of Prophecy with Dr. David Jeremiah

time 12:00 am

Every Sunday from

October 13, 2019


November 24, 2019

Take a tour through the biggest events and characters of Bible prophecy with David Jeremiah.

Over the years, Dr. David Jeremiah has preached countless
messages to audiences in arenas all across North America. Many of
these messages highlighted key prophecies from the Bible that are
relevant to us today. In Tour of Prophecy, we have compiled eight of
the most popular live messages on prophecy into one album. Be
enlightened on what the Bible says is to come in the Last Days, and
learn how you can use that knowledge to make a difference in your
life and the lives of others now.

Dr. David Jeremiah is the founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. Today, Turning Point’s 30-minute radio program is heard on more than 2,200 stations worldwide. Dr. Jeremiah is a sought-after conference speaker for organizations around the country. Along with his speaking schedule around the country, Dr. Jeremiah also finds time to fulfill another passion in his life, writing. His books are always gripping and right to the point. Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment is to teach the whole Word of God. His passion for people and his desire to reach the lost are evident in the way he communicates Bible truths and his ability to get right to the important issues. Dr. Jeremiah continues to be excited to see what God is going to do in broadcast ministry around the world.